A history of the crown cork

Before the crown cork was introduced, disposable wooden cork stoppers were used to seal bottles.

In 1880 William Painter, an American scientist, revolutionized the bottling industry with his invention of the crown cork - an innovative means of sealing beverage bottles. The invention proved a great success.


Although the crown cork was a revolutionary invention, it was not until the automation of beer racking in the second half of the XX century, that full scale production began.


Most Polish breweries at first used smooth corks and did not take advantage of lithography. In the Eighties manufacturers began applying graphics and paying greater attention to the geometry of corks. The current standard number of teeth is the "blackjack" - 21. In the past years a new type of crown cork was developed - the Twist-off cork, which does not require the use of bottle openers


Many collectors around the world appreciate the various designs of crown corks.